Swedex Pouchjet Pro II Laminator


Max. laminating width 320mm
Max. laminating thickness 10mm
Available pouches turbo(60mic), medi(80mic), maxi(125mic), mega(175mic), giga(250mic)
Pouch sizes form 54x86mm up to A3
Method of operating 8 roller
Heating system 4 heated rollers
Laminating speed max. 60mic/2200mm
Warming-up time 1 min
Auto switch-off time after approx. 30 mins
Power consumption 1,750W
Dimensions 473(W)x237(D)x140(H) in mm
Weight 5.2kg


- TURBOSYSTEM fastest laminating in the world - laminating speed up to 2,200mm
- SMARTPILOT the machine recognizes the smartpouch and is adjusting the temperature and speed automatically in line with the thickness of the pouch
- HIGHSPEED up to 10 sheets A4 in one minute
- QUICKSTART – less than one minute preheating time
- SMARTPOUCH – 30% time saving
- ZEROSTATIC – antistatic for easy positioning

Products compatible with the environment for our future

Base material without phtalates (plasticizers)
• Swedex smartpouches do not emit any phtalates while laminating
Room air not contaminated with storage (no negative effects on your body via the respiratory tract)

Base material without heavy metals (e.g. mercury)
• Swedex smartpouches give off no heavy metals in case of contact, such as health endangering mercury, since none are present

Base material of high-quality polypropylene
• Swedex smartpouches consist of recyclable polypropylene
• Swedex smartpouches protect against ultraviolet radiation

Adhesive layers from EVA
• Swedex smartpouches do not emit any solvents while laminating
No negative effects on the respiratory tract through solvents with the storage of swedex martpouches

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