Rx-4 Prescription Counter
- The Rx-4 counts tablets and capsules of all shapes and sizes.
- The counting speed is up to 500 tablets or capsules per minute.
- The Rx-4's compact design fits most any countertop workstation.

Model Rx-4
Counting Options Single, Multiple & Inventory
Counting Speed Up to 500 Tablets per minute
Accuracy 99.970%
Display Large, Easy-to-Read LED Digital Display
Counting Sensor Silicon Photo Transistors and Infrared Beams
Construction FDA approved Plastic and State-Of-The-Art Electronics
Dimensions (inch) 5 1/2"(H) 10 1/2"(W) 12 1/2"(D)
Portability Weighs only 7 lbs.
Voltage 220V

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